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Arts and culture

Experience Western Australia’s beating heart of arts and culture  

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UWA is a cultural hub for the people of Western Australia and visitors to our state.

Our wide range of arts and cultural activities span the fields of music, theatre, museums, galleries, publishing and more. Between festivals, children’s events, exhibitions and regular markets, there is something for everyone to enjoy, whether student, staff or community member.

Since 1953, when UWA Professor Fred Alexander brought his vision to life of a ‘festival for the people’ in what’s now known as Perth Festival, the University has continued the tradition of bringing people together to experience and enjoy the arts.

We’re proud to offer a vibrant collection of programs, displays and performances to all people of Western Australia, contributing to our state’s rich and diverse cultural scene. We welcome you to join us on campus and discover for yourself.

Museums and galleries

The grounds of UWA are dotted with arts and cultural treasures for everyone to enjoy. Beyond sculptures, installations and murals outside, step inside the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, or experience the major cultural collections in the Berndt Museum, the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art and the University of Western Australia Art Collection.  

Perth Festival

In 1953 UWA Professor Fred Alexander brought to life his vision of a ‘festival for the people’. This festival continues today as Australia’s premier curated arts festival and one of the greatest in the world.  

A beloved part of the Perth Festival program, UWA’s Somerville Auditorium plays host to the best of world cinema each year. Pack a picnic, grab a deckchair and sit back under the stars, admiring the majestic cathedral of Norfolk pine trees. 

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Arts and culture
on campus

Stroll through the heritage-listed gardens of UWA and you’ll find many a work of art to take in. Sculptures, murals and artworks are installed around the grounds and inside major buildings on the Perth campus, including the Octagon and Dolphin theatres, the Sunken Garden, Somerville Auditorium and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. This fusion of culture, nature and learning provides visitors to campus with a unique experience in Western Australia.

Upcoming events

UWA Events

Explore the wide range of upcoming arts and cultural activities on campus.

Lunchtime concerts

For all lovers of music, the best musical talent from UWA’s Conservatorium of Music and visiting artists perform free lunchtime concerts for students, staff and community members to enjoy.

Arts and culture news

Working with the arts industry and community

UWA Publishing 

UWA Publishing has been sharing stories, research and education with the world to encourage thought, inspire action, and create and connect communities, since 1935. The wide array of award-winning fiction, non-fiction and scholarly works illustrate its strength and diversity in a modern university.  

Explore our archives 

UWA has a wonderfully rich history as the first university in WA. For more than a century, UWA has been part of our state’s culture and part of the fabric of society. Uncover the archives and discover our big stories, our greatest achievements and some of our most celebrated staff and students. Learn more about everything that’s made UWA what it is today.  
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